Friday, February 27, 2009

Catching my breath

This is just a post to let everyone know that I am still around and I am sorry that I haven't posted anything for awhile but the last two weeks have been bad with personal issues that I don't feel like getting into now.  

I Just finished reading House by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti and it was awesome and very very intense.  If you haven't read it you need to read it and next week I am going to start the Twilight series.  I had kept putting off reading the twilight series because I didn't think that I would like it and I finally went ahead and bought the whole series because a lot of people I work with and know have read it and loves the books and the movie so I decided to take the plunge and be part of the crowd.   I will definitley write a post on here about the books when I am done reading them.

I have also joined flickr and deviantart as a place to put up some of my photos. and I also have another blog over at Live Journal.  I'm trying to get myself more out there and noticed.  If you want to see some of my photos go to,, and if you want to read my other journal over at Live Journal you can do that too just go to    You can also see my photos on my photo blog on here it is  I am also on twitter, facebook, and My space. People are probably going to ask me why I am doing this posting in so many different places and my answer is that I want to add my personality to these sites and I also want to be part of this great internet community.  I have also added little avatars to all of my sites that I am on and I did it all by myself and I feel good about doing all od this on my own without any help.

I am going to leave now and go out and enjoy my dinner with my parents and tomorrow it's back to work for me and my Dad is going back to MO and I hope he has a good trip because he needs that right now.

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