Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas time

Well, It's that time again, you know what I'm talking about Christmas shopping!!!!  Luckily I am done yes you read it right I am done with shopping and I thank it all to the good ole internet!!   I already told my parents that it's not going to be much this year and I am sure I'm not going to get a lot either this year.  I have also decided to NOT put Christmas music on my blogs because I for one have to hear it all the time at work and other places and on the radio and I get tired of hearing it over and over again.  The background is all decked out on all of my blogs but no christmas music.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I am thankful for

I am thankful for many reasons:

  1. My health
  2. My friends ( on here and on face book and my space)
  3. My parents
  4. My job( I am thankful that I have a job in this bad economy)
  5. My laptop
  6. My whole family
  7. To God for everything else
  8. My dogs
These are the things I am thankful for.  What is everyone else thankful for?

I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving and enjoy each other's company and all the good food.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cooling off

In one of my older posts I was complaining that it wasn't cooling off yet well now it is and I couldn't be happier.  The cooler weather is finally here and I hope to God that it will stay here too for at least awhile.  Today it was nice and rainy and cool and I think for tomorrow it's going to be cloudy and cool.  It just makes it seem like the holidays when it's cool.  

Speaking of the holidays I am 99% done with my Christmas shopping.  I only have to buy for my parents so it's not that many people but I wanted to get a head start on it and I think I am just about done.  Maybe two other things for my mom we'll see.   My dad is taken care of though.

Got 20$ gift card from safeway

At work today all of us employees got a 20$ gift card for Safeway. We got one for being accident free for the quarter.   At first I was thinking I was going to use it for my prescriptions but the more I thought about it I am going to get a movie.  I don't know what movie yet but I am going to use it on something fun instead of on something I have to get.  If anyone has any ideas on what movie I should get let me know.

BTW for my Birthday I got a gift card from my grandmother for target in the amount of 15$ and I used it a couple of days ago and got a game for my Mac.

Happy Thanksgiving

I just want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  We are going out to Marie Calendars for our Turkey dinner.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am now on Myspace

Okay I am also on My space.  I'm doing this to "branch out" so to speak and to hopefully connect with people I work with and with people that I don't know.  Don't worry I'll be careful and smart about who I pick as my friends.  Here is my address for my space.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am now on Facebook

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am on facebook.  I was going to join Myspace and I still might but for right now I am on facebook.  Here is my profile badge that is on there.

Traci Marquette's Facebook profile

Friday, November 21, 2008

Started a new book

I started a new book by the same author of the dollanger series. The author is V.C.  Andrews.   This book is called my sweet Audrina and it is pretty good so far.  It is about this girl who lives in the shadow of her dead sister who also had the same name of her and since I am in the beginning I don't really know what's going to happen but I feel sorry for the sister whose name is also Audrina because she is not allowed to go to school and she has to stay at home to stay protected by her parents why I don't know.  When I get more in the book I will let everyone know how I like it.  I have read other books by this author and I really like her style of writing and I will definitely continue reading more of her books in the future.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

getting older

When I turned 32 on November 1st it seemed to me and my parents that I am more relaxed and calm which is really good.  I am more forgiving of myself when I make mistakes and do things wrong than I was before. I am also not so hard on myself when I am learning something new like my laptop and I am much more easy going and more laid back.  I think I have finally matured it took me long enough.  It is just amazing to me how I can be this calm and not stressed out about every little thing.  I think I like being 32.  All I can hope for now is to continue this way of thinking because not only will I be happier but so will my parents.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The holidays are coming

The holidays are coming and it is at this time of the year that I don't like mainly because I work in the grocery store and it gets busy and the people get all stressed out and mean that I just don't like the holidays anymore.  I can tell you one thing though I am NOT working on Christmas Day like I have done the last couple of years and this Christmas is going to be VERY slim for obvious reasons.  I am also not going to work on Thanksgiving.  

I also don't like the fact that two of my favorite radio stations are already playing Christmas music and it is just way to soon.  I know I mentioned this already in another post but it just irks me that they are playing Christmas music already.  Chris mas  music will start playing in the store the day after Thanksgiving and by the time Christmas comes I am just tired of hearing it so that's  why I listen to my Cd's and music on my TV.

Christmas is still my favorite holiday but it's all the hustle and bustle that I don't like. I already have a list of what I am going to get my parents but I can't go into it here because they read it.  

So with that all said Happy thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Kwanzaa and if I left anyone out I'm sorry.

Is it ever going to cool off?

I have been asking myself this question since Halloween.  In the daytime it gets up in the 80s  but at night it is nice and cool.  When is it going to cool down to be at least in the 70s in the daytime? I mean come one it's almost Thanksgiving it needs to start cooling off.  Hopefully by next week it will start feeling like fall instead of spring.

Friday, November 14, 2008

still here

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything but I have been working a lot and I have been getting used to my new laptop which I still love.  This week has been very busy for me for many reasons.  I had to work 30 some hours this week and I was going to write in here yesterday but I was not in a good mood so I decided to wait until tonight. 
We went to the good guys car show today and it was a lot of fun.  I will put some pictures on my other blog as soon as I can edit them and pick out the best ones.  

It might not be for awhile but I will get them up soon I promise.  Tomorrow it's back to work for and I will probably be working another five days which is fine because I need the hours.

I am slowly getting used to my laptop.  It's a lot of fun and I absolutely love it.

I had to change radio stations because the two stations that I usually listen to are playing Christmas music already.  I can't believe they are already playing Christmas music I mean we haven't had thanksgiving yet.  I am not going to listen to it until December 15Th.  I have to listen to it at work after  Thanksgiving and I usually get tired of hearing it so I try not to listen to Christmas music when I am at home.  I honestly don't mind it but not now it's to soon.

I promise to not let so much time go by before I post again.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Marriage quiz

I would agree with this.
You Would Be a Good Spouse 30% of the Time
You aren't really ready to be a wife or a husband right now.
Maybe you're just young, but at this point, your relationships are all about you.

If possible, take some time to be single and work on yourself. Learn how to be a good friend.
Once you can give and take in friendships, you'll be ready for a serious relationship.

cool memory test

I got this link from my Mom and I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to include a link to it.  It is BBC - Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Face Memory Test.  If it doesn't work I will put the website in it but I try this first.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's here

Well, by tonight we will learn who will be our next president.  I am glad because I am getting sick of hearing these commercials about the propositions and the president.  I am definitley going to be watching the returns tonight so I think it's going to be a late night for me and for everyone else.  I just hope whoever wins they will put the economy back the way it needs to be.

I have my own laptop

Well, I finally bought my own laptop on Saturday which was also my birthday.  I was going to get a PC but the salesperson told us that Windows are having a lot of trouble with Vista and it won't be until the first of the year that they come out with windows 8 so he showed us the apple laptops and that is what I ended up getting.  I absolutely love it and it is very easy to use.  I am still getting used to it but I will get a hang of it soon I mean I only got it last Saturday.  When I am away from it I miss it.  It is my new favorite toy.

I am still waiting to get something from my grandmother and hopefully that will come in the next few days.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 32Nd birthday and I am able to spend the day with my parents since I requested to have the day off. My parents are going to get my DVR box and this afternoon we are going to best buy to get my own laptop. I am so excited I just hope they have one that I like and not too expensive. I have the money saved up and my mom is going to get my mouse and mouse pad. I will be able to play games on my computer until the geek squad comes out and gets it hooked up to the Internet because I am not going to use the Internet before I get it hooked up legally. Hopefully they will be able to come out on Wed, Thur or Fri not on Tues because that is election day and I don't know how long it is going to take for my parents to vote (I voted early).

Yesterday I picked out a CD and movie that I can't get until today. We are going to Applebees tonight for dinner. It's going to be a fun day.