Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas time

Well, It's that time again, you know what I'm talking about Christmas shopping!!!!  Luckily I am done yes you read it right I am done with shopping and I thank it all to the good ole internet!!   I already told my parents that it's not going to be much this year and I am sure I'm not going to get a lot either this year.  I have also decided to NOT put Christmas music on my blogs because I for one have to hear it all the time at work and other places and on the radio and I get tired of hearing it over and over again.  The background is all decked out on all of my blogs but no christmas music.


Glennis said...

Your Christmas backgrounds are lovely, I like the reindeers. I don't think I shall be putting any Christmas decorations on mine, I don't know how for one thing!
I did put Christmas lily pictures on but they were too big for the blog page so I took them off.
Your so good being already finished with the shopping. I do have one present already but thats it so far! Its my old Mother's one and its the most difficult to buy so I feel I have made a good start.

Traci said...

Thanks Glennis,

It's not hard to change the background. Just go to I have it one the sidebar of my blog and choose the one you want and follow the instructions. The instructions are really easy and bam you're done.

I know, I can't believe I'm done with Christmas shopping I just have one more thing I am waiting for and that's it. I told my parents that it's not going to be much because of the economy and I have to watch my spending.

You have made a very good start and good luck with the rest of your shopping.