Sunday, March 8, 2009

Twilight fan

Okay,  I did something that I honestly didn't think I would do but after hearing about this series from everywhere including the internet, friends, Movie I finally started reading the twilight series and I am really getting into it now.  The first eight chapters were slow but I have a feeling things are going to start getting good.  I can totally relate to Bella so far and I have mixed feelings about Edward but I hope that will change as I progress in the book and I also like Jacob so it's going to be interesting to read what happens.  So far I love how the author of this series writes these books they are so down to earth except for the whole vampire thing that is.    
After each book I will write a review on here and after I finish reading this one I am going to see the movie which I will probably buy so stay tuned. 
To be Continued...

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