Friday, March 13, 2009

What to spend my Gift card on

After weeks of waiting for my Barnes and Noble Gift cards to come in I finally got them yesterday.  I have $70 worth of points because of the safety program we have at work and we are able to spend it however we want.  Now I just got to figure out what books do I want.  Any ideas?


Kristen @ {dancing} in the margins said...

I confidently recommend anything written by Lisa Samson or Francine Rivers. : )

Are you on Let me know if you are! We can swap book recommendations there!

Traci said...

I am not on bookreads but I think I am going to have to check that site out. Thanks Kristin.

Traci said...

OOps Sorry Kristin I read it wrong I am not on goodreads yet but I will definitley check that site out. I would love to swap books with you there.