Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 things about me

(I got this idea from some of my friends on face book which I am really enjoying.  I am meeting new people and keeping up with the friends that I already have.  Anyway what you are supposed to do is write down 25 things about yourself and then tag other people which I will do at the end so for now here are my 25 things that you may or may not know about me).

  1. I hate clowns.  It has nothing to do with the movie IT or Supernatural.  I have disliked clowns ever since I was little I have no idea why.
  2. I love music.  Old, new, indie, anything is fine with me.
  3. I am a very loyal and trustworthy friend.  
  4. I love my family.  I love spending time with my parents and my dogs (yes they're family too).
  5. I am addicted to Supernatural.  If you haven't seen it you need to see it.  It's the best show on TV right now and I have a crush on the stars especially Jensen Ackles ( Dean) and  Jared (Sam isn't bad either)
  6. I love watching all kids of movies.
  7. I hate slow walking people.  I mean come on get the lead out and get moving.  Unless they are old and have a little kid with them that's fine but other than that it just makes me want to run over them.
  8. I love being single.
  9. I love God,.
  10. I love to sing.  I know I don't have the most pleasing voice but I just love to sing with the radio and my CD's.  I used to be in a church choir and I loved it.
  11. I don't like playing sports.   The only sports I like to watch is Basketball and that's only becuase my Dad watches Baseball all the time so when it's on I will watch it but other than that I don't watch Baseball.
  12. I can't stand nosy people.  I know that sounds harsh but that's the truth.  
  13. I like spending time by myself.  
  14. I love to read.
  15. I love being on the computer.  Face book, My space etc...
  16. I love playing computer games.
  17. I love animals
  18. I love to laugh and have fun.
  19. I can be obsessive at times.
  20. I am trying to look on the positive side of things especially now with the economy the way it is.
  21. My favorite color(s) are Purple and Pink.
  22. I love to walk and get exercise.
  23. I am a meat eater.  I love to eat meat and I don't think I could be a vegetarian.  I have a lot of  respect for people who are vegetarians.
  24. I like it to be quiet when I am reading because it's easier for me to concentrate.  I have a hard time concentrating when people are talking or the TV is on.  
  25. I don't like people who are  know it alls.  You know someone who thinks they know everything and they make you feel like you don't know anything.  That irritates me.

Phew thank God that's done with, now here are the people that I am going to tag:
Kathi Marquette
Liz Hughes

Good luck and have fun with this.

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