Monday, January 5, 2009


This is my first post since I have been sick and for the new year and since I don't have a catchy title I have decided to write down my resolutions so I can come back and visit this post and also to inspire my readers to make their resolutions.  These resolutions I am going to keep or at least try to keep and here they are:

1.  Continue being careful with my money. I have made some costly mistakes this past year but 09 is going to be my year for being financially sound.  I am not going to buy things from places that aren't credible and I am going to make sure I really need that particular thing and not just buy it because someone else has it and I want it.  

2.  No obsessing.  This is going to be hard because anyone who knows me knows that I obsess about everything and I mean everything.  My poor parents are the ones who hear it the most especially my Mom and I need to stop this habit because that is exactly what it is a habit. This is one resolution that is going to be hard to keep but I am determined to try and keep it.

3.  Stop beating myself up.  You know that old saying you are your own worst enemy?  Well, it's true and I need to start being more nicer to myself and more forgiving of myself.  This is going to be another toughy but like the one above I am determined to keep this and stop this habit.

Well, these are my resolutions.  What resolutions do you have for this year?

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