Saturday, June 20, 2009

New TV station

I found a new TV station called RTV (retro Television) and they have almost all of the old shows some I remember seeing some I have discovered for the first time. They have Simon and Simon on there and I was watching that one today. They also have Knight Rider which used to be my favorite show of all I used to love David Hasselhoff and I wanted that car of his. Some of the other shows that they have on that station is Alfred Hitchcock presents, Leave it to Beaver, Kojak, etc.. I am hoping they will add Get smart and Batman one of these days. Yes you read that right I loved the old reruns of Batman they are just hilarious and I watch the shows sometimes on you tube and as for Get Smart I used to love that show too. Those shows were so much better than what's on now in my opinion. One other show that isn't on this station but it needs to be is Wings. I ADORE this show. It had Tim Daly, and Crystal Bernard in it. It came out in the 90s and I am watching all of the shows now on DVD. I could go on and on about old TV shows but then this post would be way to long. BTW I used to watch KL too :-)

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