Wednesday, June 10, 2009

update on exercise

I am going to keep with level 1 for 10 days and I am already on day 3 so I have 7 days left before I can move on to level 2. I have ordered three of Jillian Michaels DVD's and I also ordered three lbs weights from Amazon. Hopefully they will be in sometime next week. I haven't weighed myself yet because I just started and I don't want to get discouraged. My only problems right now is that my left knee is hurting and i have no idea why so I am going to take a couple of days off and see if it works itself out. I am thinking it's because this is the first time that I have ever exercised and my body is just trying to get used to it. I know I never exercised before but since I found out that my cholesterol is high I've decided to do something about it and i am taking Lipitor too to help with my cholesterol. Granted I took PE but that was a long time ago and my body is so out of shape and I think that's why my knee is hurting.

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