Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blood Test Results

In a erlier post I had written that I had my blood drawn and earlier this month I got the results but I didn't put it on here because I couldn't remember the numbers because when the doctor's office called me with the results they rattled off the numbers so darn fast so after trying to remember what the numbers were I went to the Dr's office today to get a copy of my blood work. The secretary or nurse or whoever she was was not friendly at all I mean no smile or hello or anything. And when I asked if that was the right date she was all snotty to me and told me that it was the last blood results but she was a total witch. Anyway here are the numbers for my Cholestrol.

HDL -220
LDL - 140
My dr. wants me to go on a low cholestrol diet and I am supposed to go back in January to get another blood test done but the nurse didn't tell me what a low cholestrol diet is so I am guessing it's a lot of vegetables, fruit, Soy, fish. I don't know if I will go back in January because I haven't really done anything to lower the cholestrol and I don't think that it's that bad anyway.

I really need to find another doctor's office because this one that I go to is not good at all and the staff is not nice at all. I mean I can understand if you're having a bad day but don't be rude to the patients becasue I for one am very tempted to find another dr.

Sorry for the ranting but I just needed to get this off my chest. I had a much better day after that. My mom and I went and got subway for lunch and then we went to Summer Winds Nursery to look for some flowers and we came back home and I watched two episodes of Supernatural and that was it. I will probably read some tonight or tomorrow. I have no idea what we are going to do tomorrow but we'll do something.

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