Friday, October 3, 2008

mediocre day

Today was allright not good not bad but somewhere in the middle. I was depressed this morning and that's because of my PMDD and I didn't get to go out to lunch with a friend of mine like I had wanted to. I sent her an email and called her but she wasn't home and she never wrote me back so that was kinda a bummer.

On the good side I got my TV today but I have to wait until November 1 st to get it hooked up since that is my birthday and it is the only birthday present that I am going to get from my parents which is totally cool with me. I don't want anything else really.

We took the dogs to get grooming this morning. Boy, they needed it too!! After waiting for four weeks or longer because the groomers were closed for a week and we want to keep them on the same schedule it was actually closer to a month and they are still up there. We are picking them up now YEAH!!!!!

We also went to famous footwear to find some shoes but I didn't find anything and neither did my mom which is weird for her because she can find shoes that fit almost every time. Not this time though. I have to get my shoes at SAS or at Anne's wide shoes and they are expensive but since I have had to deal with Plantar fascitis I am not taking the risk of it hurting again so that's why my shoes cost more than other people.

I am picking up the dogs now. Bye!!!

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